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OBM Associates® goes beyond the surface with a collaborative approach that achieves deeper results. Our commitment to strong business relationships ensures great success.


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Developing your managerial skills and stepping up as a leader.

Building a business around your desired lifestyle - yes we help with that too!

Feeling 100% confident and supported in your OBM role, every step of the way.

Releasing imposter syndrome and feelings of uncertainty. 

Never having to get on a sales call again!


This can be your reality, to live a life of freedom with a thriving business full of soul-aligned clients, recurring revenue and high-touch on-the-job support in your role as Online Business Manager!

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Managing an online business can often feel isolating if you don’t have a connected community. When you become an OBM Associate, you’ll become part of a small community of like-minded OBMs that know what it takes to be an extraordinary Online Business Manager. We are a powerhouse of OBMs that do business together and you’ll have opportunities to meet in-person... it's time to stop hiding at home 24/7!

Our small community receives on-the-job-support with a library of resources, templates, with proven frameworks to strengthen how you operate and support your clients. OBM Associates® supports you in critical thinking, client expectations and developing your confidence. Together, we build an intimate working partnership and friendship, curing the loneliness of entrepreneurship.

Love being an Online Business Manager but HATE marketing? OBM Associates® makes this possible! Over the years, with an audience that trusts our expertise, that trust is now transferred to you as an associate.

At OBM Associates®, you have complete red flag protection. Your clients are guaranteed good-quality clients vetted by us and hand-paired with the most compatible OBM.

Time is one of our most precious, non-renewable resources! We want to get you out of the VA-type tasks (don't worry, we won't leave your clients in the lurch, we have VA Associates that will take good care of them!) and into the management of the OBM role. With fewer clients and a higher hourly rate, you'll be finishing your day at a reasonable hour to spend quality time with friends and family.

We empower our Associates to take back control of their time and freedom and retain responsibility of the clients we facilitate. You’ll have a community of like-minded people to interact with while having the freedom and flexibility to work independently.

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OBM Associates® is the ideal blend of independence and community!

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Nicky | Wisdom for Working Mums

Lauren's got the perfect mix of creativity and processes. Support and challenge. Fun and respectful. Strategy and implementation. Proactive and has high standards. There are so many favourite aspects of working with Lauren, but mainly knowing I'm not alone and having someone whose opinion and insights I trust and respect. 

The systems and strategies Lauren has implemented in my business have been great; I love them all - honestly, the way Lauren's brain works and her knowledge are all extremely valuable.

how it works

Opportunities to join in-person events, co-working and retreats! 

OBM Associates® goes beyond the ordinary agency. We collaborate closely with each other, forging strong partnerships that lead to success. We delve deep to uncover solutions that work for us and our clients.

Here’s what you can expect when you join OBM Associates®!

Once the audit is complete, you'll become an Associate and join an intimate conscious, connected community of OBMs that will help you never feel alone again. 

We go behind the scenes and conduct a full audit of your business to determine any gaps we need to fill/train/teach in preparation for becoming an OBM Associate (please know, there is zero judgement or shame here and you are not expected to spruce up the backend. This is what the audit is for and we appreciate as Online Business Managers, we always put our client’s before ourselves, before our own businesses!).

Get on-the-job support in your role as an Online Business Manager inside the community. Need help with difficult conversations? No problem! We help you with managing client expectations, building a lean strategic team and the best way to setup business foundations and streamline operations.

Receive resources, frameworks and templates to fill the gaps and make managing your clients, business and their teams more effortless than ever.

Ready to become an Associate? Join now!

You’ll be guided along every step of the way. Here’s our framework.

How you can become an OBM Associate today!

Upon successful completion of your 1:1 audit and ensuring you are skilled and setup for supporting -  we celebrate you becoming an official OBM Associate! Get inside the community, and we'll assign you your first soul-aligned client.

Step Four

Understanding your management skills and style and how you operate with your past/current clients. We’ll audit how you’ve managed their teams, projects, and client expectations and identify any gaps for support and development.

Step Three

Let the auditing begin! We go behind the scenes of your business and audit your current operations to ensure you have everything you need to manage your clients. Receive relevant resources, training, and frameworks to fill any gaps in the audit report. 

Step Two

Complete the application with as much detail as possible. Tell us all about your previous offline experience and your online experience so far! If you're the right fit, we'll hop on a connection call to ensure we can wine and dine in person. Next, you'll receive our proposal, contract, and invoice for the 3x-figure business audit investment.

Step One


Natalie Hewitt

Lauren is not only an incredible business manager but an incredible human. Her approachable and genuine personality made working with her so easy. I had been struggling for years, trying to juggle running my business alone. I was plodding through all of my tasks in way I was used to and didn’t know a better way to work, until Lauren came along. She easily analysed my business, simply streamlined it and put systems into place with so much ease, I can’t believe I had been wasting so much time before. What I loved most about Lauren is her bubbly personality, her focused business approach, her support. If you're thinking about working with Lauren, do it! She is the best investment I have made for my business. You are an amazing soul!

Join OBM Associates® and rise in your Online Business Manager role. Deliver high-level management, undeniable impact and scale businesses sustainably!

Your OBM journey begins today! Now is the perfect time to join a connected, conscious community of like-minded service providers.

Who doesn’t love an audit? Get support in the backend of your business to ensure you have everything you need before we assign you your first client.

In-person events, co-working and retreats! 

Let’s do business with like-minded OBMs and never feel alone again

Create, develop, share and receive resources, frameworks and templates for your business with your OBM community.

Get full support as an Online Business Manager from someone who’s seen it all!


Hello! I’m Lauren; Freedom Lifestyle, Connection and Community Is My Jam!
And OBM Associates® was created just for you!

Ready to be part of something bigger?

Having worked as a European Business Manager for several years before launching my own OBM business in May 2020, I quickly learned that being an extraordinary OBM goes beyond simply implementing systems.In 2022, I found a new passion for teaching and supporting like-minded OBMs, having experienced firsthand the challenges they face. Humble and grounded, I am committed to helping OBMs transform their businesses and achieve a lifestyle that aligns with their goals. With my natural attributes of consistent support, loyalty, and reliability, I am dedicated to providing the guidance and tools necessary for success. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve freedom and flexibility in both your business and your life.

Why me?

By being open and honest about our own experiences and challenges, we can help each other navigate similar situations and learn from one another, and foster a sense of community that leads to personal growth and development. 

Sharing our knowledge is crucial in supporting our clients and developing sustainable strategies for their business growth. By sharing our expertise and insights, we can help our clients make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls. It's a collaborative approach that leads to long-term success for everyone involved.

Sharing knowledge, experiences and vulnerability

Yep, same! I’ve leapt and invested in courses and mentorship that offer zero aftercare and support to know whether you are doing things right or can ask questions and get solid guidance beyond the contract end date.

Invested in courses with zero aftercare and ongoing support?

Through my experience working with a diverse range of online businesses, I have gained valuable insight into identifying red-flag clients. By using my exceptional judgment and asking the right questions, I can provide you with red-flag client protection.

Still attracting non-aligned clients through your marketing efforts?

After dedicating countless hours to research and developing a range of resources, including templates, frameworks, and learning systems, you will have access to a comprehensive library of tools. And if there's something specific you need that's not in the library, we can co-create it together.

Everyday Frameworks: Tried, Tested, and Proven to Be Successful

Despite my efforts to join Facebook Groups and Memberships in search of a supportive community, I have yet to find the right fit. Most of these groups are too large to foster a sense of connection, leaving us feeling disconnected and unsupported. As humans, we crave genuine connection, and I believe that finding the right community is essential to achieving this.

Real Community

Is OBM Associates® right for you? Let’s make sure it’s a good fit. OBM Associates® was created for OBMs by OBMs. If you can’t get through the list without nodding your head, let’s chat afterwards!

OBM Associates® might not be for you if...

OBM Associates® is right for you if… 

You’re not interested in building genuine connections and relationships 

You don’t have the foundational skill set to support the OBM role

You aren't operating full time in your business as an OBM

You haven't had any OBM retainer clients in your business 

You're not sure if you're in this for the long haul

You’re looking to just get your hands on resources, frameworks and templates

You’re not interested in being the tiniest bit flexible for your clients

You crave community and conscious connections with others that understand the OBM role

You want on-the-job-support and more experience

You’re interested in working with more aligned and respectful clients

You’re interested in growing your client base and working with various business models

You don’t want to do business alone anymore

Your tired of marketing your business and just want to do excellent work to support your clients

You've got high energy and a secret sauce that makes you stand out from the crowd!

Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

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