During my travels across Asia for 16 months, I founded Lauren Lea OBM, a tailored service for entrepreneurs aiming to offload their business backend management. A few years later, whilst globetrotting through Central America, I launched OBM Associates with a team of skilled Online Business Managers excelling in developing and implementing custom systems, processes, and frameworks. Leveraging my extensive management experience in the digital space, we empower business owners to prioritise growth and achieve operational excellence.

Our mission is to support and elevate businesses by offering comprehensive operational management solutions, tailored to their unique needs. By prioritising emotional intelligence, we ensure that our solutions are not only efficient but also considerate and supportive, creating a positive and collaborative environment for our clients.

After a vibrant career in Europe, managing multi-faceted corporate projects in office fit-outs, building refurbishments, and relocations, alongside steering remote teams and implementing ISO standards in the Financial Services sector, while orchestrating global executive events—I reached a pinnacle of success. This role demanded immense dedication, but mastering its challenges prepared me for my next adventure.

In 2018, marking a new chapter, my partner and I celebrated our 12 year partnerhsip by embarking on what would become the most extended honeymoon journey, beginning with one-way tickets to India.

Over 16 months, we travelled Asia and Australia, embracing a journey of freedom, alignment, and deep personal growth. This period honed my adaptability, patience, and understanding of diverse cultures and values, teaching me to live deliberately and in harmony with my true self, amidst dodging the occasional tuk-tuk. If you've visited India, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

Encountering conscious entrepreneurs along the way, individuals passionate about making a difference, ignited a realisation within me. My extensive management expertise had a broader purpose: to support and elevate those making a positive impact on the world. This aligned with my core values and vision for a meaningful life.

The courage to step off the conventional path led me to reimagine my life on my terms, focusing on creating intentional teams, launching impactful projects, and laying solid operational foundations, all while empowering my clients to embrace their CEO leadership roles.

A few years later, with a deep understanding of what makes exceptional Online Business Management, I transitioned into my ideal COO role while establishing OBM Associates®, aimed at empowering highly skilled OBMs who share our ethos. This move reinforced my commitment to making a meaningful difference through my work and lifestyle, while guiding business owners in building their operations to scale, and serving as the operational backbone to their vision—whether it's a lifestyle, building a legacy, or creating a sellable entity.

About The Founder: Corporate European Business Manager turned International COO and Agency Owner

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Restoring balance to my life was the fire in my belly to become an entrepreneur and have the location and financial freedom to continue travelling and exploring the world.

I have always cherished the roles and responsibilities in my decade-long career. When I discovered my role existed online, it was a no-brainer to transition to the online space as an Online Business Manager.

Now, we support businesses in streamlining and optimising operations, developing and defining processes for ultimate efficiency, and building strategic lean teams and solid infrastructures for sustainable growth.

One of my overarching core values is balance.

Solopreneurhsip can feel overwhelming, so Lauren's support was undeniably valuable, especially how confident I felt in my work. Lauren organised the entire foundation by implementing systems that integrated, created SOPs and processes and trained, supported and managed the team efficiently while I focused on designing.

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