While discovering new parts of the world, I built my own Online Business Management business, implemented systems, processes, and frameworks, transferring my VAST management skillset to the online space.

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After a successful career as a Corporate European Business Manager managing multiple six-figure projects in office fit-out and relocation, building refurbishment and dilapidation, managing large remote teams, rolling out and maintaining ISO 27001/9001 standards across multiple EU entities in the Financial Services sector AND organising worldwide executive luxury events… and breathe! Yep, that role was a lot, but after mastering it for several years, it was time for a new challenge!

In 2018, my partner and I, after 12 years, tied the knot and the following week, with one-way tickets, flew to India to embark on the longest honeymoon ever!  

During a 18-month expedition across Asia and Australia, a chapter of freedom, realignment, and refocus, a trip that strengthened my adaptability and patience and allowed me to develop personal skills in other people's cultures and values. I found time to be present, decondition from societal expectations and uncover how to bring my life back into balance with purpose, passion and presence (oh, and dodge a few tuk-tuks along with way!).

Whilst on our journey, I met conscious entrepreneurs pursuing their passions and impacting the world with their gifts! I was hooked!

I knew my VAST management skillset could belong elsewhere, serving like-minded people who positively contributed to the world. I craved working in partnership with people whose values aligned with my vision of life.

Travelling opened my eyes, mind, body and soul to many things. Still, having the courage to step away from the daily grind broadened my horizons to live on my terms and build a business around the lifestyle I truly desired.

Primarily, my focus has been building and managing intentional teams and connected cultures, launching projects, and building simple, solid foundations while supporting my clients to step into their leadership role as CEO.

Fast forward a few years, after discovering what it actually takes to be an extraordinary OBM, my work steered me toward a passion for teaching and supporting like-minded OBMs (while transitioning into my desired COO role) and launching a second business, OBM Associates®

Corporate European Business Manager turned International COO!

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Restoring balance to my life was the fire in my belly to become an entrepreneur and have the location and financial freedom to continue travelling and exploring the world.

I have always cherished the roles and responsibilities in my decade-long career. When I discovered my role existed online, it was a no-brainer to transition to the online space as an Online Business Manager.

Now, I support businesses in streamlining and optimising operations, developing and defining processes for ultimate efficiency, and building strategic lean teams and solid infrastructures for sustainable growth.

One of my overarching core values is balance.

Solopreneurhsip can feel overwhelming, so Lauren's support was undeniably valuable, especially how confident I felt in my work. Lauren organised the entire foundation by implementing systems that integrated, created SOPs and processes and trained, supported and managed the team efficiently while I focused on designing.

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