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Katie Julia

Lauren is an extraordinary person with unique qualities that make her exceptional at what she does. I feel so lucky to have her as my business. The moment I met Lauren, I knew we would have to work together. She has helped me transform my life, my organisation, with systems, strategic planning, accountability, and felt fully supported every step of the way. I love the fact that Lauren is passionate about my business and her involvement in it. It's been a real step up for me to invest and delegate and let go of my control and perfectionism that wasn't taking me forward before. Lauren is helping me grow, in a way I could not do on my own.” 

Launch Support

A British artist dedicated to portraying iconic and timeless photography globally. From prestigious events tailored in exceptional destinations, Katie Julia delivers artistry that intertwines the beauty of soulful photography and understated elegance. Some of her private clients who have been enchanted by her work are a myriad of Hollywood A-listers, Olympic gold medalists, iconic fashion designers and royalty, alongside epochal brands such as Valentino, Prada, Vogue, Burberry, Viktor & Rolf, Maison Margiela and more. 

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Katie Julia

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Client Management Support. Brand Development Support. High Level 1:1 CEO/COO Partnership.

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Lily and Sage

Candid Collective

Lily & Sage

Dr Belinda Coker

Kendall Cherry

We were so impressed by how Lauren helped us get organised in our business, marketing and systems, and her level of commitment to helping us in any way she could was wonderful.  Lauren is incredible to work with, and we cannot recommend her enough. Lauren is so supportive and gives you the much-needed confidence to take the next steps in your development.

I want you to be a co-founder; that's how good a job you do. You have made a significant fundamental in getting PIF accreditation and setting up systems for resilience in the future. You've streamlined workflows that we've implemented and executed, and I would strongly recommend you; you are reliable and trustworthy, and they'd be lucky to work with you! I value you immensely and incredibly. You are a wonderful and kind person, and I absolutely love working with you.

Working with Lauren was an absolute no-brainer and one of the best investments I made in 2022. My business was scaling rapidly, and (oops), I didn't have ANY backend systems set up while I was a Solopreneur. Luckily, Lauren swooped right in and worked with me to not only figure out what we needed building; she helped me pull all of my big ideas into tangible action plans and project manage them as well as the 18-man agency team!

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Team Recruitment and Management

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Business System & Process Implementation

Nicky Lowe is the Founder and Managing Director of Luminate Development and Wisdom for Working Mums and is an award-winning Master Level Accredited Executive Coach, working with senior leaders, high-potential managers and emerging leaders to navigate the challenges of leadership and organisational life for over 16 years.

Nicky Lowe

Wisdom For Working Mums

“Lauren's got the perfect mix of creativity and processes. Support and challenge. Fun and respectful. Strategy and implementation. Proactive and has high standards. 

There are so many favourite aspects of working with Lauren but mainly knowing I’m not alone and having someone whose opinion and insights I trust and respect. Lauren has made me feel in control, and it’s just incredible that stuff is getting done without me actually doing it all myself. Lauren’s helped me hire a fantastic team; seeing how they work together is just brilliant.

Lauren makes me look professional and shows that she genuinely cares about my business. Lauren’s communication with me is bloody brilliant, and with my team, they all enjoy working together and are the dream team getting stuff done!

The impact on my business has also seen my pipeline explode, and collaborating with high-profile clients and entrepreneurs. I wouldn’t have been able to manage that without Lauren’s support! The systems and strategies Lauren has implemented in my business have been great; I love them all - honestly, the way Lauren’s brain works and her knowledge are all extremely valuable.

Having Lauren by my side helps me feel in control, and knowing someone is keeping an eye on stuff when I’m focusing on my deep work is priceless. That soothes my nervous system, knowing I’m not dropping all the balls when I focus on one ball. It’s making me up-level both as a business owner and generally.

Lauren is your dream wing-woman - helping drive your business forward professionally and profitably and helping you navigate everyday challenges and opportunities with more ease and enjoyment.”

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