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11 Reasons to Become an OBM Associate 

If things haven’t turned out quite as you expected running a business, you are NOT alone! Maybe you left the corporate space, knowing you were made for more, only to enter entrepreneurship disappointed, burnt out, and still skint! Or, maybe you’re already an OBM or Virtual Assistant, but you’re not seeing the high-level clients you desire. 

Don’t head back to LinkedIn Jobs just yet! If you’re considering becoming an OBM and have solid experience in project management, operations, team management, and an excellent foundational understanding of business structures, becoming an OBM Associate could be your perfect fit. 

Yes, it’s a thing! An OBM Associate works with clients alongside a mentor and community support, meaning you get ALL the benefits of self-employment without the drawbacks. Read on for our top 11 reasons to become an OBM Associate! 

1. You don’t have to market your business

Do you have what it takes to be an excellent OBM but HATE marketing?

Don’t be tricked into thinking that everybody has to be a content creator to have a successful business! Great marketing is vital if you want to sign OBM clients. Prospective clients need to know they can trust you to work closely with their business; many make that call through your brand and content. 

But what if you didn’t have to spend all your time making TikToks and Instagram carousels to sign clients? 

At OBM Associates, we make this possible! Over the past three years, I’ve built a strong brand presence on social media. With a built-in audience that trusts my expertise, I’ll transfer that trust to you as an associate!

2. Good quality clients (red flag protection)

Do you hear horror stories from other OBMs in the industry? Whether micromanaging, breaking contracts, or asking for tasks beyond a project’s scope, this can deter you from starting your OBM business. It’s not worth the headache or the risk! 

With OBM Associates, you have complete red flag protection. Your clients will be guaranteed good-quality clients vetted by me! 

Nobody wants a client that isn’t committed to their business, won’t deliver materials on time or will attempt to take advantage of your time by completely off handing their business to you. My history of working with clients allows me to look out for these warning signs and protect you from any less-than-ideal situations! 

3. Join a community of like-minded OBMs

Running an online business can feel lonely sometimes. It can feel isolating if you don’t have anybody who understands what you’re going through, not to mention what it’s like to be an OBM! If you’ve been judged or misunderstood by your family and friends, you are not alone. Having a community that encourages and supports you can transform your business and life!  

When you become an OBM Associate, you’ll automatically become a part of a small, tight-knit community of like-minded OBMs that know what you’re going through. You’ll have the option to attend co-working sessions, community events, and more! 

Building relationships is the foundation of a successful business, and at OBM Associates, you’ll build the lifelong friendships and authentic relationships you’ve dreamed of since you started. 

And, if you already have a business, you’ll receive an audit of your current structure! We’ll identify the gaps and provide you with the resources and training to fill those gaps. 

4. Access to a library of templates, resources, and frameworks

This library is what every OBM wished they had when they started their business! 

All OBM Associates have access to a library of templates, including email workflows for client communications, SOPs, and more! 

In addition to the resources we provide, there will also be opportunities to crowdsource information and resources from other community members! 

5. Financial Freedom

There’s nothing more empowering than earning your own crust! 

And there’s nothing more stressful than scrambling for clients at the end of a retainer. With corporate layoffs in the tech space, you may feel a sense of financial insecurity anywhere you go. 

But, seeing your finances from this lens may limit your ability to bring aligned clients. When you take on clients from a place of lack or desperation, there’s a higher chance you’ll take on unaligned clients simply for the paycheck. This limiting belief will follow you into your work and client relationships. 

What if you could eliminate the issue? With a lengthy waitlist, our clients are waiting for more OBM spots to become available!

What does this mean for you? It reduces the stress of finding your next client, meaning you won’t feel pressured to take unaligned clients simply for the money. 

As an OBM Associate, you can decide how much you want to work and how much you want to bring in. We provide high-quality clients ready to work with you and on-the-job support that will give you transferable skills, resulting in a high earning potential for those ready and willing to do the work! 

6. Time Freedom

Time is one of our most precious resources, and it is non-renewable! You left corporate life to escape spending all your time behind a desk, and I want to empower my Associates to take back control of their time. 

While there are, of course, times that you will need to interact with clients or take care of time-sensitive matters, many tasks can be done at any time of the day, whether you prefer 2 AM or 2 PM. We’re happy to account for schedule flexibility, whether you’re in a different time zone than usual or picking up the kids from school. 

Time freedom also means location freedom! Since you don’t have to report to a physical office location every day, you’re free to work from anywhere, whether you’re at home in your pajamas or jet-setting around the world. 

7. Holiday Cover

Managing independent clients makes it almost impossible to take a step back to go on a holiday. You can’t exactly call in a cover! 

You can when you’re an OBM Associate! You’ll submit time off in advance, and another associate will take on those tasks while you’re away without worrying about hiring the subcontractors yourself. 

8. Embark upon a personal development journey

Starting a business has been the most remarkable journey of personal development I have ever experienced! I’ve learned what I want from life, who I am, and how I want to work. I’ve incorporated the same spirit of personal development into OBM Associates.

My main goal is to help you grow your confidence in your skills and your unique value as an OBM, with a lot of support along the way! Everyone has a zone of genius, a unique perspective that few can see. I’m passionate about helping OBMs like you find that perspective and use it in your business and life! 

We also dive deep into Human Design, Astrology, and spirituality to support this journey of self-development. Human Design has been integral to my personal and business journey, especially as a 6/2 Manifesting Generator with all nine centres defined! 

9. In-person events and co-working days

Does anybody do anything in person anymore?! I am a big proponent of face-to-face connection, so I am proud to offer this to my OBM Associates for a chance to interact with your community. 

While many of us have no qualms about missing out on in-office corporate life, it’s only natural to miss the workplace banter. But we all know what a drain it can put on your mental health to deal with workplace toxicity. 

That’s why becoming an OBM Associate is the ideal blend of independence and community! You’ll have a community of like-minded people to interact with at in-person and remote events but have the freedom and flexibility to work independently with your clients. 

10. Retain responsibility to do it your way

The corporate space often runs rampant with micromanaging. It can often feel as though your boss doesn’t find you trustworthy if they check in with you multiple times daily, which can wear down your confidence and autonomy at work. 

While I want you to feel supported and well-equipped to complete your work, you don’t have a “boss” as an OBM Associate. We’ll offer all the benefits of running a business independently without all the drawbacks, but YOU still have the power to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it.

I want to empower my associates to take ownership and responsibility for their decisions, just as they would in their businesses. We’ll never look over your shoulder, but we’re here to hold your hand when you need extra support! 

There is a BIG difference between this empowering mindset and the mindset of an employee. Ditching the employee mindset for a self-led mindset will only benefit you in the long run! 

11. Create a business based on your energy

In most traditional jobs, employers dictate nearly everything about what we do. What time we work, how we work, and who we are at work are all pre-determined and one-size-fits-all. After learning more about my energy through Human Design (and conducting experiments in my own life!), I don’t buy this narrative! The corporate structure was never meant to work for everyone. 

In Astrology, our 6th House sign determines our energy surrounding work and routine. Many people have been conditioned to go directly against their natural energy in their everyday lives due to society’s expectations and environments, making it challenging to thrive in these settings.

As an OBM Associate, I want you to build a business around your desired lifestyle and natural energy.

With all of these incredible benefits and more, what do you have to lose? What if today was the day you took a chance on yourself? 

Fill out the OBM Associates application TODAY to see if you’re the right fit!

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